1.   How to reduce the belly by using B Shape?  
    B Shape, the premium elastic abdominal binder is made up of imported high quality elastic. B Shape will compress your  
        abdominal (belly) muscles.  
    This imported elastic produce an internal heat and there by burn your fat in abdomen (belly).  
    B Shape’s size measurements are clinically approved.  
    Doctors are prescribing B Shape as an effective belly shaper after delivery, surgery and for mild back pain, hernia and  
        unusual expansion of belly.  
    No vibration No side effects.  
  2.   How to use B Shape ?  
    You just measure your abdomen size  
    B shape is available as per your abdominal size  

      Small              - 70CM to 80CM

      Medium         - 80CM to 90CM

      Large              - 90CM to 100CM

      Extra Large    - 100CM to 110CM

    These measures are clinically approved and it will not affect your normal blood circulation all so your normal  
        body movements.  
    Just wrap B Shape under your cloth.  
    No one can identify, B Shape is too thin.  
  3.   How much time can we use B Shape to reduce belly ?  
    B Shape is very easy to use, just wrap under your cloth.  
    You can use B Shape at any time except while sleeping.  
    When you sleep, please do not use B shape.  
    You can use B shape 5 to 8 hours a day.  
    Continues usage of  B shape for 3 month, your belly will reduce up to 6 CM to 8CM.  
  3.   Any Guarantee?  
    Yes, It’s a clinically recommended product by Gynecologist after delivery to reduce belly.  
    You can ask any good Gynecologist.  
    If you use 3 month continuously it will reduce 6 CM to 10 CM.  
  3.   Is B Shape washable ?  
    Yes, B Shape is washable. Don’t use detergents, washing machine, hot Iron  

Ms. Hridya Rajiv, Bangalore

  1.  As of now, my tummy size must be 80/90 cms (not yet measured). If I want to reduce it to 70 cms, which one      should I buy ? Small or medium ?  
  Just measure your tummy in dieting (morning or before dinner). Your tummy size is in between 80-90, so I could suggest  
  you Medium. B Shape is a clinically approved product  For better result please use B Shape in correct size .If you want to  
  reduceyour tummy 90CM to 70 CM you have to use B Shape medium for 3 months and after that B Shape Small size.  
  2. How long it takes to come to the correct shape (duration)?  

Normally 3 months

  3. Should this be worn throughout the day or do you prescribe number of hours ?  
  For better result, please use B Shape during the day time. It will never restrict your normal body movements, washable and also hide well in your hugging cloth.  
  4. Should this be worn while sleeping also ?  

No, never use B Shape when sleeping. Apart from that never wear any tight dress or something like that when we sleep.

  5. In case the size doesn’t suit can we exchange it ?  
  B Shape is only available in clinically approved measurements, so don’t worry it will suit and never restrict your day to day activities.  

6. Would like to test it before i buy it


“B Shape” abdominal binder, The Indian, British and U .S pharmacopoeia advices use of abdominal binders to reduce abdominal girth by trimming tummy and flab in the waist region.
“B Shape” is scientifically fabricated with the precise elasticity and tensile strength. It has Velcro tightness to gradually tighten with reducing abdominal girth. “B Shape” can be tightened well beyond the Velcro zone. “B Shape” permits easy aeration due to its well ventilated texture. “B Shape” can be worn safely even while exercising.

B Shape is a traditional product made by high quality elastic recommended by Doctors.
  7. Is B Shape available in different colours ? If Yes, which are the colours available?  
  B Shape available only in skin color.  
  8. Should this be worn over the dress or beneath the dress ?  
  Use B Shape under (beneath) your normal dress.  

9. what if this doesn't work. is there any pay back offer from you ?

  It’s a clinically approved product widely recommended by Gynecologists in post delivery periods, not like tele-brands products.  

10. what is the cost ?

  “B Shape” available as per your abdominal size (Clinically Approved)  

Small              -                        70 CM to 80 CM       Rs 650

Medium         -                        80 CM to 90 CM       Rs 650

Large              -                      90 CM to 100 CM      Rs 690

Extra Large    -                    100 CM to 110 CM      Rs 690

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